Matt (pizzuti) wrote in bvuufhighschool,

New Members Letter

New 9th graders:

We welcome you into the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's high school group!

I encourage you to sign up for this blog and post or comment here to keep in touch over the summer.

If you're suffering any anxiety discerning what you're supposed to do with those "self-contained ecosystems" we gave you on Youth Day, realize that no, we are not going to check up on you to see how well you're taking care of them. Our interest in giving them to you was our own amusement watching you figure out what the heck you're gonna do with a jar of dirt for four years. What you ultimately do is up to you. You can try putting new seeds, cuttings or critters into the containers if you'd like to try to create a more stable ecosystem, but not everyone is a bio-enthusaist, I recognize. And I don't expect your parents to be thrilled if the only sunny South-facing window in your home is in the kitchen or living room.

I do, however, hope that you'll get involved with the high school group at our fellowship and come to the high school conferences that youth groups all over the district attend. There are 3 weekend conferences per year and a couple additional special conferences that I will keep you informed of here and in person if you come to the group. The conferences are a lot of fun and great ways to meet interesting people, and I haven't talked to anybody who didn't have a good experience at one of the cons.
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