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Welcome to BVUUFhighschool!

Welcome to the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's high school blog!

This site is intended to organize communication between the Fellowship's high schoolers and keep the energy going during summer months, while also making information available to the whole BVUUF community and to other youth groups. Check here for updates in the high school youth program - including upcoming conferences, projects, social events, new members and other news.

All BVUUF high schoolers are welcome to join the community and post to the blog.

Some tips for those who are not familiar with the livejournal format:

You can imbed videos and use HTML scripts in any post.

Select "bvuufhighschool" in your Post To option to add posts to this blog.

Entries marked "public" are visible to anyone and entries marked "friends" are visible only to members of the blog. Make sure anything containing sensitive information is friends-only.

Add the community as a "friend" to see all its updates on your friends page.

Creating "tags" for entries makes them easier to search. Tagging all your posts with your name, for example, makes it easy for anyone to find all the posts by you. Tags indicating whether something is news or fun also makes information easier to find.

You can delete or modify any entry posted by you at any time.

Matt Pizzuti - youth coordinator at BVUUF
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