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Thursday, May 15th, 2008
11:43 am
California Overturns Same-Sex Marriage Ban
The California state Supreme Court just overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriages, making California the second state, after Massachusetts, to allow same-sex marriage.

Those defending California's same-sex marriage ban argued that since California already gave same-sex couples some benefits, preventing them from getting legally married was not discrimination. The 4-3 decision agreed with gay rights groups who argued that calling same-sex unions something other than marriage is akin to second-class status, and is not permitted by the state's constitution. The state has one month to begin allowing marriages to proceed.

Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would uphold the court's ruling, and will also oppose a ballot initiative to change the state's constitution in a way that would make gay marriage illegal again. The ballot initiative will likely get enough signatures to appear on the ballot this November for all Californians to vote on it.

My guess is that the ballot initiative will fail, because a similar initiative in 2006 failed in the state of Arizona, which is culturally similar but on balance more conservative than California.

California is the most populous state in the United States with about twelve percent of the United States population. Cities in California are magnets for GLBT people from around the country who are seeking a more tolerant cultural environment, so I would guess that something around 1 in 5 American same-sex couples live in the state and will be allowed to marry because of the California court decision.
Thursday, May 8th, 2008
2:20 pm
New Members Letter
New 9th graders:

We welcome you into the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's high school group!

I encourage you to sign up for this blog and post or comment here to keep in touch over the summer.

If you're suffering any anxiety discerning what you're supposed to do with those "self-contained ecosystems" we gave you on Youth Day, realize that no, we are not going to check up on you to see how well you're taking care of them. Our interest in giving them to you was our own amusement watching you figure out what the heck you're gonna do with a jar of dirt for four years. What you ultimately do is up to you. You can try putting new seeds, cuttings or critters into the containers if you'd like to try to create a more stable ecosystem, but not everyone is a bio-enthusaist, I recognize. And I don't expect your parents to be thrilled if the only sunny South-facing window in your home is in the kitchen or living room.

I do, however, hope that you'll get involved with the high school group at our fellowship and come to the high school conferences that youth groups all over the district attend. There are 3 weekend conferences per year and a couple additional special conferences that I will keep you informed of here and in person if you come to the group. The conferences are a lot of fun and great ways to meet interesting people, and I haven't talked to anybody who didn't have a good experience at one of the cons.
Sunday, April 13th, 2008
4:16 pm
Welcome to BVUUFhighschool!
Welcome to the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's high school blog!

This site is intended to organize communication between the Fellowship's high schoolers and keep the energy going during summer months, while also making information available to the whole BVUUF community and to other youth groups. Check here for updates in the high school youth program - including upcoming conferences, projects, social events, new members and other news.

All BVUUF high schoolers are welcome to join the community and post to the blog.

Some tips for those who are not familiar with the livejournal format:

You can imbed videos and use HTML scripts in any post.

Select "bvuufhighschool" in your Post To option to add posts to this blog.

Entries marked "public" are visible to anyone and entries marked "friends" are visible only to members of the blog. Make sure anything containing sensitive information is friends-only.

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Matt Pizzuti - youth coordinator at BVUUF
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